在线护理学学士(RN到BSN)完成课程 罗伯特E. 史密斯护理学院 is for students who are registered nurses (RN) with an associate degree or diploma. 研究生s of this program earn the BSN degree and are prepared to obtain or maintain a leadership position; and pursue education beyond the baccalaureate level, 如果需要的话. This program is 在线 with some 诊所al experiences in a healthcare or community setting where the student is geographically located. 学生可以选择全日制或非全日制. The full-time program of study can be completed in two semesters and the part-time program of study in four semesters.








Female student in nursing simulation lab using syringe and tube on mannequin arm.

The nursing faculty members have expertise in various nursing specialties and are committed to providing a high-quality education in the classroom, 在线, 在临床环境中. In addition to participating in 诊所al practice at many of the surrounding healthcare agencies, faculty members integrate simulation into the teaching/learning process to explain nursing concepts and care for diverse individuals and populations.

  • 全年接受申请
  • 学生在秋季学期被录取
  • 全日制学生在两个学期内完成护理课程
  • 灵活和兼职课程安排
  • 在线课程和课程定位
  • 学生所在地区的临床经验
  • 测试免费验证学分/转移学分
  • 非学位选择
  • 学生咨询可在线或通过电话
  • CCNE认证
Taryn Wood,注册护士转BSN专业

我一直都知道我想进一步发展我的护理事业. 工作时,我需要一个完全在线的程序. 经过大量的研究, Delta State has such a renowned nursing program and has the most promising goals in the RN-BSN program! KOK体育app官方下载软件官方手机版app下载给了我最好的职业发展机会.

Taryn Wood,注册护士转BSN专业2022届毕业生


Nursing is a profession that offers more career choices than ever before in locations throughout the country. There is a nursing career option in almost every type of work environment: hospital, 诊所, 学术, 工业, 行政, 实验室, 政府, 军事, 航空, 电脑, 体育, 等. 这里只是其中的一些选择:

  • 重症监护护士
  • 急诊室护士
  • 飞行护士
  • 居家护理护士
  • 护士行业
  • 感染控制护士
  • 外科护士
  • 儿科护士
  • 或/复苏护士
  • 精神科-精神健康护士
  • 产科护士
  • 肿瘤科护士
  • 学校护士


Delta State’s RN to BSN program is more affordable than many of its contemporaries offering similar opportunities. 在杜克州立大学,我们会自动考虑你申请奖学金. Some scholarships you may be considered for include opportunities for nursing majors, 平均绩点2分的学生.5或以上, 密西西比居民, 计划毕业后在密西西比州工作的学生, 少数民族, 和更多的. Students may also be eligible for non-program specific scholarship opportunities.


罗伯特·E. 史密斯护理学院’s goal is for Bachelor of Science in Nursing students to leave with their degree feeling skilled, 自信, 并且有能力应对现实世界的情况. Our team of faculty and staff members work to ensure that our students are prepared to meet employment needs of healthcare agencies.

  1. Prepare associate degree nurses by expanding knowledge and skills in nursing assessment, 利用循证实践的社区卫生和管理, 提供安全的卫生政策和信息, 主管护理.
  2. Prepare associate degree nurses to provide nursing care in collaboration with other health care providers, 病人, 家庭, 以及社区促进健康和疾病预防.
  3. 准备毕业生追求超过学士学位水平的教育.


学生可以期望从课程中获得具体的成果. These outcomes combine to ensure that the student is qualified to meet professional standards of nursing care.

  1. Apply nursing, natural, and behavioral science concepts to the practice of nursing.
  2. 利用护理过程和护理标准,以提供安全, 在协作的环境中为不同的客户提供全面的护理.
  3. 练习成为自我指导的护理领导者,对自己负责, 社会, 以及不断发展的护理专业.
  4. 在提供保健方面利用研究.
  5. Advocate for improvement in healthcare through participation in professional and political processes.
  6. Provide individualized nursing care that focuses on health promotion and disease and injury prevention.
  7. Apply information and patient care technology to improve healthcare delivery from an interdisciplinary approach.


  1. 申请三角洲州 University and meet admission requirements as outlined in the Delta State University Undergraduate Bulletin.
  2. 将以下信息提交给罗伯特E. 史密斯护理学院 2月15日 入学学期前.
    • 罗伯特E. 史密斯护理学院注册护士/BSN完成计划申请.
    • 总平均成绩达到2分.护理专业0或以上学历.
    • 所有护理专业的必修科目成绩达到C或以上.
    • 以前就读的所有学院和大学的成绩单. 一名学生进入罗伯特E. 史密斯护理学院 who wants to receive credit for prior nursing course(s) from another program must submit a request and credit be negotiated before admission to the 罗伯特E. 史密斯护理学院,而不是在学生入学后.
    • Progress report of 学术 standing for any required course(s) in progress at date of application. 申请包中包含一份报告表格.
    • A copy of a current unencumbered registered nurse license to practice in the state in which the student will perform 诊所al.
  1. 学生必须是认可课程的毕业生.
  2. All students must comply with Mississippi legislative statues and regulations regarding criminal background checks by having fingerprints taken and a criminal background check completed. 此要求的任何费用将由学生负责.
  3. 在被录取后, each student will be required to submit a completed health and immunization form provided by the 罗伯特E. 史密斯护理学院, evidence of personal health insurance and Basic Life Support (BLS) for healthcare providers.


  • Credit is awarded to Registered Nurses admitted to the program for comparable prerequisite courses from accredited colleges and universities. 学生可以转移批准的在线课程学分.
  • Validation credit of 39 hours for other nursing courses (taken in an associate or diploma program) equitable to DSU nursing courses will be awarded after the student successfully completes 努尔311, 努尔331, 努尔312和努尔358.


入院前, 学生可以注册为努尔311的非学位(ND)学生, 努尔331, 努尔312和努尔320. 在成功完成这些课程和录取罗伯特E. 史密斯护理学院, students may apply course credit toward the RN-BSN program.



All non-nursing (pre-requisite) support courses must be passed with a “C” or better.

课程 优惠时间
生物230:解剖学和生理学 4
生物231:解剖学和生理学 4
生物课217:微生物学 4
CIS 205:微型计算机应用 3
COM 101:公众演讲 3
英语101:英语写作 3
eng102:英语写作 3
FCS 345:营养 3
Fine Arts Elective (ART 101, 212, 401, 402; MUS 114, 115, 116, 117) 3
历史选修课(101、102、103、104、201、202) 3
Human Development/Behavioral Science Elective (PSY 307, PSY 313, PSY 403, FCS 326, CEL 300) 3
文献(ENG 201,203,205,206,其他批准文献) 3
MAT 103: Quantitative Reasoning or MAT 104 College Algebra (MAT 104 required for DSU) 3
鸟叔101:普通心理学 3
SOC 101:社会学原理 3
Humanities Elective (Additional Fine Arts; Additional History; Additional Literature; or Introduction to Philosophy) 3
统计学(MAT 115, MAT 300, PSY 331) 3

rn - bsn,学习计划-全日制


课程数量 科目名称 学分
努尔311 综合健康评估 2.5
努尔331 综合健康评估实习 .5
努尔312 基本病理生理学 3
努尔358 向专业护理过渡 4
努尔403 社区/公共卫生护理 2.5
努尔443 社区/公共卫生护理实习 1.5
总计 14


课程数量 科目名称 学分
努尔309 护理研究/循证实践 3
努尔314 卫生政策和道德决策 2
努尔320 护理信息学 2
努尔402 护理领导与管理 3
努尔442 护理领导与管理实习 3
总计 13

rn - bsn,学习计划-兼职


课程数量 科目名称 学分
努尔311 综合健康评估 2.5
努尔331 综合健康评估实习 .5
努尔312 基本病理生理学 3
努尔358 向专业护理过渡 4
努尔403 社区/公共卫生护理 2.5
努尔443 社区/公共卫生护理实习 1.5
总计 14


课程数量 科目名称 学分
努尔309 护理研究/循证实践 3
努尔314 卫生政策和道德决策 2
努尔320 护理信息学 2
努尔402 护理领导与管理 3
努尔442 护理领导与管理实习 3
总计 13




*适用于任何护理专业的学生, the university grade forgiveness policy will not apply to courses with an NUR prefix.

通识教育 41
特殊学位要求 13
主要 66
总学位要求 120

For more information on degree requirements and specifics on courses needed to complete the degree, 咨询本科生 学术目录. For a semester-by-semester breakdown on how you can complete this degree in 4-years, visit 学术地图.


DSU学费 包括课程费用.


注册护士转BSN课程的课程/实验室费用为 $404.00. 按学期划分的具体课程/实验费用明细见下文.


课程 成本
努尔311 $0
努尔331 $0
努尔312 $0
努尔358 $90
努尔403 $0
努尔443 $100
总计 $190


课程 成本
努尔309 $0
努尔314 $0
努尔402 $0
努尔442 $104
努尔320 $110
总计 $214