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Official transcripts from Delta State University must be ordered online via Parchment.  You may have your transcript sent to yourself, a third party, or have it held for pickup.     Please click on the Request Transcript icon at the bottom of this page to enter your order.  If you experience issues placing an order over the Internet or have questions about charges, contact Parchment support using the following link:

Transcript Fee – The transcript fee is $11.00 for Electronic Delivery and Pick-Up orders of a paper copy.  Additional fees will be applied to paper transcripts ordered with shipping including: mailed by USPS, USPS International, FedEx Overnight Domestic, and FedEx International Priority.

Transcript Policies

Transcripts will not be processed until all financial obligations to Delta State University have been met.

In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy ACT of 1974, records may not be released to a third party without a written, signed authorization of the student.

Special Considerations When Ordering – Hold for Degree/Grades

  • If you place an order before your degree is awarded and you need your degree reflected on the transcript, in the “When do you want this sent?” section, choose “Hold for Degree”.
  • If you place an order before grades are awarded and you need the grades from the current term to be on the transcript, in the “When do you want this sent?” section, choose “Hold for Grades”.
  • If you fail to choose either of these options as needed, you must re-order the transcript at your own cost.

Requesting an Official Transcript

1. Click “Request Transcript” button below.
2. Create an account with Parchment or sign in to your existing account.  Students must create an account to request a transcript.  All requests must be purchased via Credit or debit Cards during the process.
3. Select “Save Account and Continue with Order”.
4. Select “Order” and search the database for the institution/destination.  For destinations that are not included in the database, students may also select “I’m sending to another individual or myself” and enter the information manually.
5. Select delivery option.
6. Review the order to ensure all recipient information/payment information is correct.
7. Finish/Complete.

If you have any technical issues placing your order or have questions about charges related to your order, contact Parchment Support by calling (847)716-3005.

Delivery Methods

Electronic Delivery (E-mail)

  • Electronic Delivery charge through Parchment: $11 per transcript.
  • Electronic delivery is the recommended delivery method when recipients do not require a paper copy.
  • Transcripts sent directly from Parchment to network member institutions are considered ‘Official’. Students are responsible for verifying transcripts emailed to NON-member institutions, businesses, or people will be accepted.
  • Please note that to be considered official, the transcripts must be sent directly from our vendor, Parchment, to the intended recipient.  Neither Parchment nor DSU can authenticate electronic transcripts forwarded from the recipient to another person, business, or institution.

US Mail

  • Standard USPS delivery charge through Parchment: $2.50, PLUS $11 per transcript.
  • International USPS delivery charge through Parchment: $5.25, PLUS $11 per transcript.
  • Transcripts sent by US mail directly to institutions and/or businesses are sent as ‘Official’ transcripts.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring the receiver will accept transcripts via mail.

Pick-Up (paper copy)

  • Paper transcript for pick-up charge: $11 per transcript.
  • Transcripts can be ordered by the student for pick-up at the Registrar’s Office by either the student or another designated person.  The person picking up the transcript is required to show official photo identification (driver’s license, etc.)
  • Students are responsible for ensuring the receiver will accept ‘Issued to Student’ transcripts provided in sealed envelopes.

Fed Ex

  • FedEx overnight charge through Parchment: $30.00 (within the United States), PLUS $11 per transcript.
  • FedEx international priority charge through Parchment: $55.00, PLUS $11 per transcript.
  • FedEx orders containing attachments are subject to longer processing times, and your transcript may take longer to deliver.

Unofficial Transcripts

If you are currently enrolled or have been enrolled within one calendar year, you can access your unofficial transcript through MyDSU Online Services.  Unofficial transcripts are not available if you have not been enrolled within one calendar year.

Once you have checked the status of your transcript order using the button above, for any questions about the status of your order, please contact Delta State University’s Transcript Clerk:

Presley Utz
Transcript Clerk
Kent Wyatt Hall Suit 152
(662) 846-4017

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